Want to know about the rooftop place in the Lucknow

Well there are many foodies who not only love to eat foods but they love to eat food in open environment where they can eat and enjoy food and weather at same times. There are some couples who are on date and they want to make their date romantic in which they want foods with open atmosphere and there are many people who want to relax and enjoy their food in open area. Well many people think that where they can go, well many thinks for street food but they are not safe and they are hygienic for the health. And there many restaurants in Lucknow in which they provide food but it is not open. Well skyhilton is that restaurant who provide rooftop restaurant too in which they fulfill all the requirements of the people who want to eat food with open weather. Well skyhilton is the bestrooftop restaurant in Lucknow and skyhilton made roof top restaurant for those people who wants to enjoy weather with food only. Well there lots of services that they give in their rooftop restaurant that many people love to eat there. Well if you want to have good dinner then you should try rooftop restaurant where you feel like heaven on the earth.

The services they are provided in their rooftop are:-

Sitting place- well the first things comes in the mind of people who going for rooftop dinner is sitting place. Or that sitting place is good or not in the rooftop restaurant and what about the tables and chairs and all, actually many people wants little bit decorations in rooftop restaurant too. and skyhilton provide that, they understand that only normal sitting place is not enough for customers who wants to eats at rooftop restaurants so they provide designer sitting place for their customers so that they can easily comfortable with this place and enjoy the food and weather.

Snacks- skyhilton give the best snacks and normal drinks in their rooftop restaurant. Skyhilton provide varieties of snacks and drinks like cold coffee, tea to their customers in which people who want to take light foods can also enjoy the taste and place. Well they provide lots of shakes and snacks vegetarian and non vegetarian too. Well if you want Chinese best snacks then they also provide the best Chinese foods in their rooftop restaurant too.

Drinks – well there many men and women who go rooftop restaurants for relaxation and want to refresh their mind then they can order different types of shakes and drinks stuffs from the restaurant. Well if you want to order alcohols and so you can order alcohols too. You can get many types of drinks which serve by from skyhilton.

Food- well if you planning for dinner with friends and couple then this place is made for you because here you would get best foods with open weather. Well during rainy season the weather becomes so beautiful in which many couples want to eat outside for romantic date then this place is heaven for them because here only you can get best food with enjoyable weather at the same times.