Get entertained with Live streaming of Indian premier league at Skyhilton hotel - Best Restaurant in Lucknow

Skyhilton is the one of the famous hotel in Lucknow who is serving you the best in everything regarding hospitality service. They are providing you service and place for everything to enjoy with your family and friends. You can visit Skyhilton for arranging business meetings. They provide private rooms and lounge for the business meetings or any kind of family get together or friends get together. You can hire private party hall to enjoy with your friends and family. Only skyhilton is providing you big and spacious private party hall in Lucknow with full of all facilities. Skyhilton is the most wonderful place to enjoy and spent time with your loved ones. You get everything there to enjoy. You will love the bar if you are interested in boozing and you love to relax during boozing. The food you get at Skyhilton is exiquisite . You will also get the occasional dishes in Skyhilton’s restaurant like in navratra there are so many people who don’t eat food which contains ginger and garlic and there are so many people who prefer to eat north Indian, south Indian and Punjabi dishes. So you can visit Skyhilton anytime they provide 24*7 reception to serve you comfort.

Benifits of visiting skyhilton Restaurants

·         Live entertainment: - There are so many people who love to booze and eat with watching television. In Skyhilton we have deployed big led television mounted on walls. So you can enjoy your live events going on in other states like IPL, soccer and cricket world cup on our TV screen. We understand that cricket works a lot in restaurant and bar people gets friendly and they get chance to talk with each other due to the same taste.

·         Occasional Treats:- Lucknow have so many festivals to celebrate and we are in food business so we understand that people love to having a special dishes which only prepares on special occasions. At current time Holi has just left us and Navratri is waiting to come soon next month so we have prepared some treats for Holi and Navratri for our customers.

·          Guest of the day:- There are so any guests come and go during the day in Skyhilton but it happens sometime that we get few great personalities at our restaurant. So in that case we provide them few special treats and drinks for free and we honored that guest with full respect.

·         Bar:- We have the most amazing and big bar at Skyhilton. You will get everything to booze in wine’s category. You can relax and booze till you like. You will easily get soft drinks and beverages at our bar