Sky Hilton - Best Roof Top Restaurant in Lucknow

It is the nature of living things to seek pleasure in case of humans they have devised many things that are different from each other like Indoor, Outdoor entertainment. Similarly, these things go towards quenching the thirst of humans for enjoyment.

Hospitality is the industry which is multi-faced it has been going on like this for centuries evolving from taverns, inns and Sarai's thousand years old evolved the concept of the hotel which was a turning point in the human history but not given much attention but used by most of the population in the world.

A hotel is a magnificent place on earth as it caters all the needs of people in the context of place, food, and relaxation.

It provides all the amenities from food to medicines, functions, and events, meetings and parties all go on without stoppage here. All the requirements of parties and events can go in the hotel establishment’s areas. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are supplied in abundance in the bar.

Usability of Skyhilton

The property of sky Hilton is very good, nicely built full with facilities and an all-rounder in hospitality services although small a medium sized property but has a lot of facilities to handle parties of 1000 by ease. Its lawns and banquets are spacious well designed and full of good looks, pleasurable eyesight and nice food and drinks for people. If you are planning any party or conference SKY HILTON will amaze you with the quality of service they can provide, their ambiance is very nice.

The beverages available here are all nice and good, they are what people order most, in which bloody mary, mojito, skyscraper are people favorites. Lemonade is a drink that is popular around the year, lassie of top quality yogurt is very popular with people here in Indian drinks, their punch is also worth mentioning.


The banquet halls are amply supplied with al facilities here they are best in their class and popular with clients, evenly spaced able to handle 3 to 4 hundred people, these halls are very perfect in their ambiance these are very good in their service also. Halls at sky Hilton their banquets are fitted with the latest equipment for fine party environment these are very good in performance and they are very good at serving clientele.

Rooftop Restaurant

Sky Hilton has also a splendid place to visit for enjoyment roof restaurant of Skyhilton, it is from here splendid scenery of city can be taken into sight and that makes people very hungry, as the smoking kebabs are waiting for them there. It is very good and finer in particular as people are in the very much good mood here. It is a place of such appeal that everybody wants to come here and go for the best in here.