Tricks To Satisfy Your Customers To Greatest Extent By Professionals Of The Best Rooftop Restaurant In Lucknow

There is a famous business quote saying, ‘amazing customer service is the competitive advantage’. A pioneer and one of the leading restaurants of the city Skyhilton a being believes in proving utmost satisfaction to its customers. The professionals of Skyhilton. Are here informing us about the hospitality hacks which will help us out by providing the world class amenities to our customers. The food services should always be up to the mark so Skyhilton, as one of the topmost restaurants in India.
Some of the major factors which are pointed out by the professionals of best restaurant in Lucknow that affect the customer satisfaction are as follows:
·         Right Foot Forward:
When we talk about customer satisfaction, the very first thing which measures the customer satisfaction is how a hospitality professional has dealt or communicate with its customer. There are basically three types of customers who enter into a restaurant, first one are those who have their online bookings and had reserved their seats. Second one are those, who would call to book their seats – call should be politely attended, and should be efficient too. The call should always be short and should always be clear and satisfying for the caller. The same rule applies when a customer is placing the order over the phone.

·         Be Technically Updated:
So, guys its a digital world and if you aren’t technically or digitally updated you would lay behind. Have your restaurant’s Facebook, the Instagram page, register yourself to the reviewing companies and have the direct reviews from your customers, deal and improve the matter if people have a problem with it. These techniques will not only directly connect you with your customers, but also you would be able to know about the good and not-so-good things about your restaurant and hospitality.

·         Be Updated With Current Trends:
Being updated doesn’t only limit to the technologically updated, but also to the current business trends too. Absorbing what’s going on outside and applying it efficiently onto your business would not only enhance your capabilities and market value, but also give you a chance to satisfy your customers.

·         Communication A Powerful Key:
A polite and humble attitude towards your customers will not only cover up your flaws (if any) but also lay down the great impression of you and your restaurant among your customers. You can also adopt certain measures such as if food is arriving late or if the dish isn’t available just tell them the truth.

·         The Customer Is ALWAYS Right:
Being in business you can’t argue with your customer, especially if you are in hospitality business. Yes! They can’t be always right, but you have to give them the benefit of the doubt, and if there is really a problem, then you should always accept that and take the necessary steps. And if the customer is wrong, you should settle the matter as easy and as earliest as possible.