How To Make Your Restaurant Ambiance & Cuisines More Photogenic – Tips By Hospitality Professional

Nobody, nowadays is untouched from social media. Clicking the pictures of our most joyous moments and sharing it  on social media is a trend these days. Even people visiting at the dining place, doesn’t fail to flaunt it on their Facebook page. That’s why it’s important for every restauranteur to maintain the ambiance of the restaurant perfectly and keeping in mind the significance of visuality while presenting their cuisines.
Skyhilton a leading restaurant of the city, is renowned dinning place for its remarkable ambiance and flawless visual treats. According to the owner of the best roof top restaurant in Lucknow, in the age of Instagram, Facebook its important to present ourselves in the best way, as these things play a greater role in drawing the image of the restaurant and marketing as well. So there are few things,which should be included in the interior of the restaurant in order to make them more photogenic.
Accessorizing The Interior Of Restaurants
The fun and quirky accessories like plates, mugs, glasses and the like have become very popular on social media. Adding some quirk on your customers’ tables gives us restaurant a chance to be unique and stand out. Many pubs caught up soon enough and today have coasters with funny one liners that get snapped by patrons. Paper napkins, coffee mugs, serving plates and so many more things that you can make photo friendly. If its just your brands name on these things, it won’t be enough for anyone to share it online. Something quirky to go with and you have a winner.
The Importance of a food it to the bit and for making it photogenic we should follow the really simple tricks. For presenting our dishes in the best way and making it more photogenic, it’s important for keeping it color coordinated. For example, dish like Baingan Barta will pop up on the blue ceramic plate with the top garnishing with green coriander, a dish like pasta Alfredo would look more tempting in the dark colored pasta bowl, French fries in a cone shaped container or we can opt for cooler ideas where we can present them in standing positions.
The most important factor which defines on the quality of the photograph is lighting so to make our dishes more photogenic its important to keeping lighting of our hotel in check. There are some of the fantastic lighting options available in the market, which we can opt for presenting our dishes in the best form. The subtle lighting. The grudge styling light fixtures, lamp style table lightening we can opt among numerous lightening options. In fact, we can never underestimate the power of natural lightening in the photography, you can also arrange the interior of your restaurant in a way that it allows natural lighting.