Review: Extraordinary Hospitality & Splendid Environs Of Rooftop Eatery Woudn’t Fail To Mesmerize You

Review: Extraordinary Hospitality & Splendid Environs Of Rooftop Eatery Woudn’t Fail To Mesmerize You

Being a foodie, I always look out for the restaurants with the mouth-watering food and impressive ambiance as well. But my major judging criteria is food and hospitality, other things are just icing on the cake for me. But with Sky Hilton, I can say that after visiting this restaurant, I was floating on that icing, I found everything just perfect, right from ambiance to food, hospitality – everything was just remarkable and satisfied us to the greatest extent.

Skyhilton a very decorous rooftop bar and restaurant is really a very spacious place and is well embraced by the quality hospitality. Established at one of the popular locations of the city, this best rooftop restaurant in Lucknow clearly depicts the guest's dedicated hospitality and service. Enriched with classy lighting arrangements and magnificent interior and setting this breezy eatery won’t give you a chance to be aloof, as you can enjoy the wonderful sightseeing along with the delicious food.

Although the menu isn’t much unique
but at this place, you can enjoy whatever you want to eat as food is very well perked up with the taste. If you wanna enjoy some drinks with your friends or family, this place will give you an uncluttered environment providing us the dedicated bar counter too. The professionals of the best restaurants in Lucknow are really well mannered and put their best efforts in order to make our outing and celebrations special. While discussing the menu, one of the staff members also helped us in choosing the dishes as well.

All the dishes which were ordered by us were really delicious and meltdown in our mouths instantly, right from starters to main course and sweet dishes as well. The thing which I liked the most in this restaurant, is that there wasn’t much delay in serving the food and it was served within few minutes of the order.

All these exceptional qualities of this restaurant laid down the huge impact on me and my family members. With its remarkable amenities, this restaurant has made its place in our hearts and is in our ‘must visit list’ next time too. I would also like to specify that all these lavish and eternal services were at very affordable prices too. If you also wanna have this extraordinary hospitality experience you must reserve your seats immediately.

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