Pristine Hospitality And Unquestionable Alignment At The Party, Made Our Celebration Much More Remarkable

Review: Pristine Hospitality And Unquestionable Alignment At The Party, Made Our Celebration Much More Remarkable

Celebration brings new joy to our lives and it’s important to make every moment of our life special and remembering. Our son’s first birthday is one of the most memorable and special events of our lives, gives us a chance to add one more celebration to our lives. Skyhilton being one of the topmost restaurants of the city was our first choice for celebrating our son’s first birthday. The Best Rooftop Restaurant in Lucknow very well fulfils our expectations and made our day and celebrations much more special.

As it was a kids’ party, they flawlessly, arranged the party with the superhero theme, the kids were really impressed by the theme and enjoyed the lot. As our kid is a fan of Spiderman, we designed the invitation card with this theme only. The kids were dressed with this theme only. The professionals of this restaurant fully supported our theme and dress the wall of the restaurant with different Spiderman poses and also for photo ops. The children enjoyed the whole ambience and theme of the party.

Also, the staff members of the party also arranged some fun games for the event, which were really enjoyable and entertaining for the kids. Apart from all this, the food and catering service by the staff members of this restaurant was just awesome, as it was kids party the food were served in very unique and colourful manner. As it was kids party we include the dishes for which kids crave for, such as pizzas, burger, noodles, chocolate cake and ice cream along with this, the huge menu options of Banquet Hall in Lucknow allow me to finalize the dishes like malai kofta, Matar Paneer, dum aloo and pooris, nan chappatis and rice. The dishes served at the party were super tasty and was loved by all the people and kids present around. The professionals of this restaurant also offer the variety of sweet dishes too, different types of halwas and mithais too, we especially chosen the moong dal halwa, which was loved and praised by all our guests.

The hospitality of this restaurant is just mind-blowing, the staff members were highly attentive and lay down their best efforts in facilitating us to the maximum level. The professionals of this restaurant are highly committed towards their customers and that’s why they arranged the whole party flawlessly and doesn’t give us the chance for any complaint and made our celebration much more special and memorable.

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